12V 250W Flexible Solar Panel Generator Caravan Camping Power Mono Charging Kit

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250W Flexible Solar Panel

Are you looking for the latest and greatest in portable solar technology? Want to power your fridge, TV, lights and more? Want your solar panel to charge in partial shading? Get our brand new flexible solar panel.
This semi-flexible solar panel is the revolution in mobile off-grid solar. Forget chunky rigid solar panels - this sleek design has slashed the weight by 80% and is super thin! Our bestseller last summer, this solar panel has no wind resistance and installation is a breeze. Most of all, it looks simply beautiful as it flexes to the roof of your caravan, campervan, yacht, or 4x4!

Cable and connector box located of the panel Note Holes not drilled you can mount however you please brackets boat and mounts are not included.

Max Power: 250W
Max Power Voltage: 23.28V
Max Power Current: 8.60A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 28.50V
Short-Circuit Current: 9.19A
Temperature Range: -40°C - 85°C
Frame: No Frame
Solar Cell: Mono
Thickness: 3.0 mm
Net Weight: 1.8 kg
Approx Size:(L x H x W) 1070x3x810mm